The Soul Of CellAct


  Nature’s Touch

- the nature‘s given minerals for your skin -

Glacial meltwater comes from glaciers that have receded over time. Often, there will be rivers owing through glaciers into lakes. These brilliantly blue lakes get their color from “rock our", sediment that has been transported through the rivers to the lakes. This sediment comes from rocks grinding together underneath the glacier. The ne powder is then suspended in the water and absorbs and scatters varying colors of sunlight, giving a milky turquoise appearance.

  The Soul of Cellact

Originated from the bottom of the Alps of Switzerland, it has one of the purest water source of the world, the “Glacier Meltwater”. As the fundamental liquid source for our every giving natural ingredient.On its 15-year journey through an ancient glacial lter deep in the heart of the Alps, it puried and given uniquely mineral balance.

  Skincare Biotechnology
Uniquely Fomulated with Natural Ingredient

An international levels of scientic and technological achievement and is a Swiss world-renowned tradition with strictness of Switzerland quality control which ranked highest in the world.

. Sophisticated use of biotechnology
. Tested by Meditest SA Switzerland
. In vitro & in Viva tested
. Non-Comendengenic